Everything you need to know on Digital printing of mylar bags

Only few people knows about Digital printing is the best packaging solution for business starter. With the helping of HP indigo 20000, the digital printing machine, we can customized print the packaging mylar bags by lower quantity in shorter time.

Compared with the tradisional printing process – gravure printing, there are several great advantages of Digital printing which makes entrepreneurs can be easier to build up a new brand by a unique and pretty packaging appearance.

For many years, entrepreneurs can only use blank bags to package their products, like homemade kitchen foods. The high MOQ and high total cost and slow delivery are the badest 3 defects which stops peple choose custom printing mylar bags.

Now, beside the gravure printing, there are 2 more new products for you to choose.

Customize Mylar Bags Solutions

Gravure PrintingPakguru D-PrintingPakguru Printing Plus+
MOQ: 10,000pcs~20,000pcsMOQ: 500pcsMOQ: 1,000pcs
≥$US1,000Low to US$120Low to US$300
Production time 15~20 daysProduction time 2~3 daysProduction time 8~12 days
CMYK color printing range narrowNO limited, shape edge and original colorNO limited, shape edge and high original color
Platemaking fees, US$150~200 per designPlatemaking feesPlatemaking fees
Extra cost for pattern revisingExtra fees for pattern revisingExtra fees for pattern revising
Contact us to get quotationPrice listContact us to get quotation

Pakguru Printing Plus+ is the solution we lunched to help clients gets more customized options. Because of that, the cost is all depends on your needs; please contact us to get accurate quotations. Read this article: 3 packaging tips for Business Start Ups before quatation.

Limits of Digital Printing

All becaure of the Extreme Low total cost and faster delivery, most clients choose the “Pakguru D-Printing” or “Pakguru Printing Plus+“. But there are several limits for digital printing that you should know.

Gravure PrintingPakguru D-Printing Pakguru Printing Plus+
Unlimited dimensionsDazens of Default dimensions for optionUnlimited dimensions
Unlimited Surface processingMatte surface onlyMatte or glossy surface
Unlimited materialsNO trasparent window, default thicknessUnlimited materials
Unlimited shapes4 kinds of standard types6 kinds of standard types

Typical models of packaging bags and Price list

Stand-up Pouch 3-side Sealed Bag Quad Seal Bottom Pouch Side Gusset Pouch
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