customize your own bags

Digital Printing

Great for low or sample projects, with a range of sizes and small quantity under 5000pcs.

For weed flower ziplock packaging mylar bags, based on capacity, we have following recommendation:

3.5g weed100×150+35$152$289$413$536
7g weed120×170+35$168$321$459$583
14g weed130×210+40$254$383$584$732
28g weed150×210+40$285$414$725$831

*no transparent window.

If you have your own idea on dimensions of Mylar bags, The MOQ is 1000pcs~2000pcs. Pls contact us to get accurate quotation.

Gravure Printing

Best for bigger projects and businesses, Bigger quantity than 20,000pcs.

We can help customize the material, dimension, transparent window, bags type and etc.

Bags type:
1. Stand-up pouch; Commonly used in gummy and weed flower packaging.
2. 3-side-sealing bags; Commonly used in gummy, weed flower, vape, preroll packaging.
3. back-sealing bags; Commonly used in chocolate and cookies and cereal bar packing.
4. 8-side-sealing pouch; Commonly used in large capacity packing.

Due to the customize needs are variety, the quotation is not available before an accurate inquiry. So, pls contact us to discuss the detail.

Contact us to get accuate quotation!