5 tips for Homemade Food Customize Packaging Bags

Now, you can get composite plastic bags with customized patterns and logo at lower quantity, which has many advantages:

  • Bid farewell to large, easily-wrong pasted stickers to save labor;
  • The appearance design with logo makes the product more recognizable and more professional;
  • Compared with paper packaging, plastic packaging with better isolation and smell-proof performance can reduce after-sales problems and have a longer shelf life.

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If a microenterprise home kitchen operation business wants to rapidly expand its influence and deepen brand recognition, the customized pattern composite packaging bag different from the spot products is the best choice.

5 tips make the customization of composite packaging bags becomes a very simple matter:

1, Bag types. The most widely applicable type is ziplock top Stand-up pouch (A); most masks are packed in 3-side sealed square bags (B); most chips are packed in Back sealed square bags (C); most coffee packed in Side gusset Bellows bags (D) or Bottom gusset bag (E).

2, Dimensions. Use a bag or two pieces of paper to measure an approximate dimension; Note, 10% ~ 20% redundancy space must be reserved. The size difference of 1cm~2cm will not cause a significant increase in cost.

3, Materials. The most common and economical material composition is OPP + Vmpet + PET. The Vmpet, “Aluminized film” is the main reason why the composite plastic bags have excellent isolation and smell-proof performance. However, due to the process, aluminized film cannot be used on the side with transparent windows. Therefore, if you have high requirements for the isolation and smell-proof performance on bags, please do not design any transparent windows for your composite packaging plastic bags.

4, Thickness. The common data is 200 micron, and the thickness of most potato chip packaging bags are 100 micron. Increasing the thickness has limited effect on the isolation and smell-proof performance.

5, Printing process. Digital printing and Gravure printing. Less than 10000pcs bags are more suitable for digital printing, 5 ~ 10 days production. More than 20000pcs bags are more suitable for gravure printing, 15 ~ 20 days production. Difference comparison:

Printing ProcessDigitalGravure
Unit Price (10*15cm bag)US$ 0.12US$ 0.06
Production time5~10days15~20days
Disposable Printing FeesNoneUS$300~500
Sample Order10~50pcs US$100 including shippingNot available
*Different dimension different cost.
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