3 packaging tips for Business Start Ups

Do you have questions about the cost of packaging custom? Also, maybe you alway stopped due to there are too many complex issues. Now, all the basic infos you need to know before custom packaging are here, With our help you can get your own packaging within 15days.

Packaging Type

For bags, boxes or cans, choosing which packaging type for your products is the first priority. In terms of cost, for the packaging made of plastic, paper or metal, paper bags are very cheap, composite plastic bags are very economical, paper boxes or paper cans or plastic cans are more expensive, and metal cans are the most expensive. In terms of application scope, paper bag packaging is not suitable for shelf storage, so it is only suitable for some simple products with low unit price; Composite plastic bags and paper boxes have a wide range of applications, but only composite plastic bags can directly package food; Plastic or metal cans are more suitable for food and other products that require very high sealing conditions.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

It depends on what size packaging products you need. There are many spot packaging products of different sizes available on the market. The MOQ of these products is very small. For you who are in the early stage of your business, they can help you quickly open up the situation. But they have two problems. First, most of them are blank, and second, their size may not be what you want. So if you want to customize the exclusive packaging in terms of size and appearance, different MOQ means different money invested. For example, customized patterns and sizes of plastic bags, the MOQ we require is only 1,000pcs, but if you choose one or more of the various sizes we provide to customize the pattern, the MOQ is only 500pcs, and the price is as low as US$120, the specific price list CLICK HERE. Isn’t this exciting? In addition, the MOQ for cartons is also 500pcs, but the more complicated the printing process, the more expensive it is. However, it is a very good idea to upgrade your packaging with bags or cans.

Design and Printing

Unique and beautiful packaging design can make your product stand out quickly, and there are many benefits. Our suggestion is to iterate quickly and continuously optimize; do not repeatedly choose colors or fonts, and do not repeatedly confirm the packaging size. When you hold the first version of the physical packaging, you may know how to make the perfect packaging. The printing process and cost of packaging of different materials are different. The complex printing process can greatly improve the texture and grade of the product, but the more complex it is, the more expensive it is. If you are buying customized packaging for the first time and there is no professional advice from a packaging designer, it is best to customize only on the pattern and size. Btw, we can also help create design.

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